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[原创]Starting DHCP server with dhcpsInit()

2004-11-26 01:37:00    评分
I am trying to establish a DHCP Server in my VxWorks application. I am trying to do so by first calling to dgcpsInit: STATUS dhcpsInit (DHCPS_CFG_PARAMS *dhcps_params); My problem is that dhcpsInit returns a wrong value (-1), and it doesn't return any error number (errno), so I can't understand what is the problem. I tried to set dhcps_params in many ways (for example: maxdhcpMaxHops = 1, dhcpSPort = 67, dhcpCPort = 68, dhcpMaxMsgSize = 590, dhcpsDfltLease = 3600, dhcpsMaxLease = 3600, pDhcpsLeaseFunc = NULL, pDhcpsAddrFunc = NULL), but it still doesn't work! I'll appriciate any help, Thanks.

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2004-11-26 20:33:00    评分
I have solved the problem by myself.

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