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analog mixing: The mixing together of two analog signals; the multiplexing of two analog signals into one.
analog-to-digital (A/D): Conversion of continuously variable electrical signals to discrete or discontinuous electrical signals.
analog-to-digital (A/D) converter: A converter with internal sample-and-hold circuitry used to translate an analog signal to a digital signal.
ANSI: American National Standards Institute. An organization that establishes standards voluntarily followed by industries.
ANSI C: A version of the C programming language that conforms to the C standards defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
annul: Any instruction that is annulled does not complete its pipeline stages.
API: See application programming interface.application programming interface (API): Used for proprietary applica-
tion programs to interact with communications software or to conform to protocols from another vendor’s product. (TMS320C8x)
AR0–AR7: Auxiliary Registers 0–7. Eight registers that are used as pointers to an address within the data space address range. The registers are operated on by the auxiliary register arithmetic unit (ARAU) and are selected
by the auxiliary register pointer (ARP).
AR: See auxiliary register.
ARAU: See auxiliary register arithmetic unit.
ARB: See auxiliary register pointer buffer.
architecture: The software or hardware structure of all or part of a computer system; includes all the detailed components of the system.
archive library: A collection of individual files grouped into a single file by the archiver.
archiver: A software program that collects several individual files into a single file called an archive library. With the archiver, you can add, delete,extract, or replace members of the archive library.
ARCR: See auxiliary register compare register.
argument buffer: A memory block into which argument values are placed that accompany a command to a server parallel processor.

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都是英文的 看不懂

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