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认知系统综述 (英文)

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认知系统综述 (英文)
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人工智能最新一期ERCIM News以60页的专刊详细讲述了认知系统(Congnitive System),这里给出了这个系统的综述。

A Gallery of Cognitive Systems


ERCIM News is a quarterly publication from the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. The April 2003 issue is dedicated to research about cognitive systems. It contains no less than 21 articles which are all available online.

Here are references to some articles I found particularly interesting, with their abstracts and pictures. Of course, you're encouraged to read the individual articles if you need more information.

  • Combining Ambient Awareness, Augmented Reality and Autonomous Robots
    by Pieter Jonker and Jurjen Caarls
    A setup for a mobile user employing Augmented Reality for indoor and outdoor applications has been developed at Delft University of Technology. To determine the user's position and orientation in the world, it uses a cognition system similar to that used by our autonomous soccer playing robots. In order to let robot and man cooperate, a knowledge system shared by man and robot is under development, in which both can express their understanding of the 'world' as they perceive it. Applications include rescue operations in hazardous situations.
    Autonomous Soccer playing Robots using cognition systems for Ambient Awareness

    Take a look at these autonomous soccer playing robots using cognition systems for ambient awareness.
  • Cognitive Soccer Robots
    by Alessandro Farinelli, Giorgio Grisetti, Luca Iocchi and Daniele Nardi
    The effective development of a system consisting of autonomous heterogeneous robots that have to perform complex tasks over long periods of time, operating in a partially known and partially observable environment, implies addressing a wide range of issues. These issues involve many areas of Artificial Intelligence, from computer vision to deductive systems.
    The SPQR team of soccer robots

    This is their SPQR team of soccer robots.
  • Cognitive (Vision) Systems
    by Henrik Christensen
    Cognitive Vision Systems' is a European project addressing issues related to categorisation, recognition, learning, interpretation and integration in relation to vision systems for intelligent embodied systems.
    Example image that illustrates the complexity of recognizing chairs

    This image illustrates the complexity of recognizing chairs as no single technique in terms of contours, appearance, components etc. is adequate to correctly allow 'counting of the number of chairs'. (Source: B

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