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ITU-T RECOMMENDATIONS SERIES Series A Organization of the work of the ITU-T Series B Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification Series C General telecommunication statistics Series D General tariff principles Series E Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors Series F Non-telephone telecommunication services Series G Transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks Series H Audiovisual and multimedia systems Series I Integrated services digital network Series J Transmission of television, sound programme and other multimedia signals Series K Protection against interference Series L Construction, installation and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant Series M Maintenance: international transmission systems, telephone circuits, telegraphy, facsimile and leased circuits Series N Maintenance: international sound programme and television transmission circuits Series O Specifications of measuring equipment Series P Telephone transmission quality, telephone installations, local line networks Series Q Switching and signalling Series R Telegraph transmission Series S Telegraph services terminal equipment Series T Terminals for telematic services Series U Telegraph switching Series V Data communication over the telephone network Series X Data networks and open system communication Series Z Programming languages

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