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【应用笔记】为WiMAX集成上行解子通道化和各种模块(Integrating Uplink Desubchannelization & Ranging Modu

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【应用笔记】为WiMAX集成上行解子通道化和各种模块(Integrating Uplink Desubchannelization & Ranging Modules for WiMAX)
Altera provides building blocks to accelerate the development of a
worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) compliant
basestations. All of Altera's WiMAX modules have input and output
interfaces that ease integration into WiMAX systems with both Altera®
and non-Altera modules. This application note describes a reference
design that demonstrates the integration of the Altera®
desubchannelization and ranging modules. The integration requires no
glue logic, as the modules have been designed to seamlessly connect to
one another.an457.pdf

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