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Designing An Embedded Web Server Embedded Web Server and Internet Application Software Embedded Web Server - Hydra Boa: An Embedded Web Server Tini Server Resources Home Boolean Search Server IPic - A Match Head Sized Web-Server World Smallest Web Server Building The World Smallest Web Server ETS Micro Web Server The Real Time for Java Expert Group The Real Time Specification for Java V.1.0 Final PERC - An Embedded Java Virtual Machine The Simple Real-Time Java JSR (Java Specification Request) JSR 1 Real Time Specification for Java NIST Requirements for Real Time Java Embedded and Real-Time Systems Links J Consortium Accelerating Java Technology Into Real Time First Java Specification JEFF Submitted To ISO JEFF Specification 1.0 Makes Java Technology Dramatically Less Costly for Devices with Small Memory The OMG and J Consortium Form Strategic Alliance Collaboration On Real-Time and Object-Oriented Systems Standards Draft International J Consortium Specification Real Time Data Access for The Java Platform m Revision 1.8, February 10, 2001 Jini (Java Intelligence Network Infrastructure) Network Technology White Papers Jini Network Technology An Executive Overview Jini Architectural Overview Why Jini Technology Now ? Virtual Organizations, Pervasive Computing, and an Infrastructure for Networking at the Edge Java[tm] Technology Powers E-Manufacturing Enterprise Jini Architecture -- Where Will Your Network Be Tomorrow ? Jini Architecture Specification The Jini Specification (Book) 1999 Jini: A Pathway for Intelligent Network Storage The Growing Need for Intelligent Storage Moving Toward Effortless Networking Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Understanding UPnP White Paper Devices That Play Together, Work Together Universal Plug and Play Forum Creates UPnP? Implementers Corp. (UIC) and Completes First Certification Standard: Internet Gateways Internet Gateway Device (IGD) Standardized Device Control Protocol V1.0 Flexible XML Processing Profile (FXPP) Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 link-local addresses Simple Service Discovery Protocol/1.0 Operating without an Arbiter Multicast and Unicast UDP HTTP Messages General Event Notification Architecture Base: Client to Arbiter UPnP SDKs Home Audio/Video Interoperability (HAVi) 标准之争,来自国际信息家电 Sun, Sony, Philips wiring homes Jini/HAVi PHILIPS, SONY AND SUN TO JOIN IN INTERNET LINK FOR APPLIANCES,1072,10992,00.html About HAVi HAVi FAQs HAVi Specification V1.1 Download Jini Technology: Impromptu Networking and Its Impact on Telecommunications Lucent InfernoSpaces Technology Distributed Application Development With Inferno Distributed Application Development with Inferno Across OSs & Architectures IBM TSpaces Intelligent Connectionware Operating System Directions for the Next Millennium Microsoft Releases Millennium (WinMe) Beta 2 HP Embedded Software ChaiAppliance Plug and Play White Paper HP ChaiServer Guide Overview A Comparative Analysis of Internetworking Technologies for Net-Centric Computing Self-Organizing Network (Virtual BUS) - Toward the Networking-Computation Collaboration World HomePNA (for Home Phoneline Networking Alliance) network HomePNA 2.0 Networking Standard and Products,4161,2625930,00.html Wireless PCMCIA Card OSEK/VDX Standard for In-Cars Embedded Systems OSEK/VDX Operating System Specification V2.1 OSEK/VDX Communications V2.2.2 OIL (OSEK Implementation Language) V2.1 Mobility Support in Middleware for Virtual Home Environments Trends in Home Networking PVN: Parallel Virtual Machine Array Message-Passing Standards: VPM and MPI A Universal Communication Model for An Automotive System Integration Platform Networking Embedded Agents The Cognitive Disappearance of the Computer: Intelligent Artefacts and Embedded Agents Information Agents for Mobile and Embedded Devices Thinking Small Using SNMP and Java agents can alleviate the problems of managing small, networked devices Agents On the Web: Inside An Agent Ihome: Intelligent Home Project Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Autonomous Networked Tactical Sentries (ANTS) WINS - Wireless Integrated Network Sensors Low Power Wireless MEMS WINS: Low Power System On a Chip WINS: Towards Low Cost and Robust Self-Organizing Security Networks Sensor Network and Embedded Systems Medium Access Control (MAC) Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications What Is MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) Technology ? About MEMS Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices (Book) 2001,,047186109X,00.html Best Manufacturing Practices for MEMS TI Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology TI宣布提前提供TABLE-TOP DLPTM器件组 TI Digital Micromirror Device Technology Digital Displays With Micromirror Devices Polysilicon Surface Micromachine Technology and Devices (Course) MEMS Technology Emerges Planar Surface-Micromachined Pressure Sensor With a Sub-Surface, Embedded Reference Presuure Cavity A List of the Available Phar Lap Technical Articles and White Papers Embedded and Small Internet Server Links Jini Technology Community Resources UPnP Forum UPnP Resources SNMP Links Agents On the Web CMU MEMS Laboratory IDA MEMS Technology Transition NIST MEMS Project MEMS Industry Group MEMS Links MEMS Resources MEMS Virtual Learning Cybercenter

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