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【深圳】某美资上市企业-Operations Program Manager/OPM/PM

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Operations Program Manager

Job Responsibilities:

Operations Program Manager (OPM) is the focal point of contact between Product Development Teams, all Operation functions, and our Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers for a specific program.  An OPM provides program management leadership and continuity, manufacturing direction, and maintains oversight for Operations/EMS related activities, functional tasks, and resourcing on projects/programs.  The OPM is accountable for assuring Operations’ success in meeting/exceeding product & project quality, delivery, Time To Market (schedule), and product cost objectives through production ramp.

l  Focal point of contact to Product Development Team (PDT) for Operation schedules, commitments, and escalations

l  Establishes Manufacturing team meetings to coordinates all Manufacturing functions

l  Create/Maintain Operation product schedule and integrate into New Product Introduction Program Manager schedule

l  Facilitates Ramp Reviews to manage risks for all Operation functions

l  Provide direction on build schedules and build process

l  Facilitate Operations deliverables for phase gates and facilitates the Phase gate review

l  Manages Operations discipline within Product Realization Process, DFX(design for manufacture, design for procurement, design for assembly and etc...), etc…

l  Manages project core team/PDT discipline to deliver to Operations requirements

l  Work with NPI Planner and PDT product stakeholders to ensure proactive forecast from proto through ramp and to mitigate alignment issues of supply/demand

l  Manage the efficiency of Engineering Change Order’s/Material Change Order’s/Deviations into factories

l  Represent Operations in all PRP meetings

l  Participate in Operations post-project review

l  Ensure closure for escalated EMS reported technical and nontechnical issues

l  Utilizes working relationships with Operations Sr. and functional management, securing resources, commitment, and effective communication and decision making within Operations

l  Track appropriate engineering pre-Design Release Manufacturing Operations NPI indicators

l  Track pre-production Operations NPI indicators.


l  10 years working experience in a high tech/discrete manufacturing environment in a similar position

l  Degree required, business or manufacturing

l  Ability to ramp up quickly is a pre-requisite

l  Product planning experience

l  Strong work ethic with a positive and customer centric attitude

l  Strong written and oral Chinese/English communication skill

l  Integrity, diligence, good team work, high sense of responsibility, pro-active

l  Be able to work on multiple projects in the parallel under pressure


TEL: 0755-33009178
联系人:Miller cao (猎头)

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