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[Urgent]上海某注明外企:紧急招聘 射频部门经理月薪3万左右

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Job Description

Job Title: RF Section Manager

Department: Product Development

Reports T report to :General Manager


Persons employed in this position are responsible for, but not limited to, directs, coordinates, and exercises functional authority for planning, organization, control, integration, and completion of projects to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Supervise and coordinate the activities of the RF personnel to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and as specified.

Ø Design and co-develop new designs with A/P OEM's for the wireless marketplace.

Ø Work closely with mechanical engineering and production on current and new product development.

Ø Authorize and evaluate employee’s performance and compensation.

Ø Maintain and control the budget.

Ø Interview and hire new personnel.

Ø Assist in sale for new business.

Ø Develop product strategy.

Position Requirements:

Ø Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Microwave Engineering, Master’s degree is a plus.

Ø 5-10 years supervisory experience in a similar position in a high volume manufacturing environment. Antenna design experience is strongly preferred.

Ø Must have network analyzer and antenna testing ability.

Ø Knowledge of wireless cellular communications in China is a plus.

Ø Must be analyzing situations and take positive action to reach goals and high efficiency level.

Ø Must be self-motivated and be willing to work under pressure.

Ø Excellent English & Chinese communication skills, both written and oral.

Ø Be familiarity with design software and project management software.

Ø Good organizational and time management skills.

Ø Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

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urgent up

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