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艾科泰Elcoteq Network Corporation is the largest European Electronics Manufacturing

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系统工程师(急聘) IT System Engineer电子邮箱发布日期:2005-04-21工作地点:北京市招聘人数:1学 历:本科工作年限:三年以上薪水范围:面议外语要求:英语 熟练接受简历语言:中文或英文职位描述:Main Responsibility: 1.To be responsible for maintenance of servers / routers and backup of data. 2.To be responsible for security of network, such as anti-virus and management of limitation of authority, etc. 3.To plan and implement network cabling in office area and product lines. 4.To cooperate with engineers to test, debug, cable and diagnose the problems concerning computer system. 5.To conduct training about network security and software application. Requirement: Knowledge of maintenance of server / router Knowledge of NT & Windows 2000, NT Workstation 98, LAN/WAN, APPS Knowledge of Unix Good English language skills both in written and spoken 3 years experience of server maintenance, integrated cabling. 2-3 years experience of desktop support.

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