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Working Experience(工作经验)

(I = Interviewer. A = Applicant) I:Please tell me your present job. A:I am working in a garment factory. My present job is to inspect the quality of products. comparatively speaking, quality control is rather simple. Although I do my job well, I am looking for a new job which is more challenging.

I:Have you ever been employed? A:Not yet. I originally planned to go abroad to study after leaving college, but I couldn't get a visa

I:Your resume says you have had one ~ S experience working in a foreign representative office in Shanghai, may I ask why you left? A:I worked in a foteign rep. office for one year. However, I left there two years ago because the work they gave me was rather dull. I found another job which is more interesting.

I:Have you done any work in this field? A:Yes, I have worked in this field for four years. First, I worked in an American company as a sales representative, then I transferred to a Hong Kong company as a sales manager.

I:What kind of jobs have you had? A:I worked as a business coordinator in a foreign representative office, then I transferred to a joint venture as a sales manager. So I am familiar with the textile market in China.

I: What qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful in your field? A: First ,I think my technical background is helpful. I have enough knowledge to market the products of your company. Secondly, I have studied for four months in a Marketing Training Programme with satisfactory results. Finally, I have mastered the English Language. These qualifications will make me successful in my career.

I: What have you learned from the jobs you have had? A: I have learned a lot about business know-how and basic office skills. In addition , I learned at my previous jobs how to cooperate with my colleagues.

I:Can you get recommendations from your previous employers? A:Yes, I have brought them with me. Here they are.

I; What's you major weak point? A:I haven't been involved In international business, so I don' t have any experience, but I have studied this course in the International Business Training Centre of the Shanghai Foreign Service Company.

I: What are your greatest strengths? A I know a lot about flow the Chinese economy works, and how business is done here. Secondly, I speak English fluently. I have no difficulty with language. And, I am a hardworker when I have something challenging to do.

I: Please tell me about your working experience. A: I have five years experience in the chemical industry since I graduated from college. First of all I worked as an assistant engineer in the No.1 Chemical Industry Co. Three years later I transferred to ABC Chemict Industry Company. Now I a m working in the Sale Department of that company.

I:Does your present employer know you are looking another job? A:No, I haven't discussed my career plans with my resent employer, but I am sure he will understand.


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