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2003-11-06 23:31:00    评分
苘 圹圹 圮 ?谀 捋圹?圹圹 哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? 圹圹苘苘圹圹圹圹苘圹? - TEAM ROR presents - ? 捋圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹哌 ? 捋哌 ? 圹郯郯 Statemate v3.2 (c) I-Logix ? ?圹圹捋舶 哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? 圹圹 捋?苒? SUPPLIER: TEAM LND PROGRAM TYPE: DEVELOPMENT? 圹圹?圹佰圹? CRACKER : TEAM ROR PROTECTION : FLEXLM ? 圹圹?圹圹圹? PACKAGER: TEAM ROR RELEASE TYPE: LICENSE ? 苒圹郯 圹圹郯 哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? 苒圹圹? 圹圹? ROR PLATFORM: WIN32 RELEASE DATE: 10-30-2003 ? 苒圹圹郯 苒圹圹圹 苘郾?LANGUAGE: ENGLISH ARCHIVE NAME: RORISM32.R*? 圹圹圹郯 佰圹圹圹圹圹?FORMATS: BIN/CUE RELEASE SIZE: 14 x 15MB ? 佰圹卑 滥哪? 圹圹圹圹郾澳哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪馁 圹圹圹脖? 圹鄄卑 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? ?氨槽 RELEASE INFORMATION ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? Designers of todays embedded systems are faced with design challenges of enormous complexity due to the increase of design content, explosion of new features, ambiguous design parameters and evolving customer requirements. These challenges far surpass the technological capabilities of even the most well equipped design teams. Even more surprising is the alarming percentage of complex systems that are still specified in a textual format; this non-formal and non-testable method of communication too often leads to costly design and debug iterations. Numerous studies have shown that correcting an error during integration costs over 10 to 1000 times more than correcting it at specification time. The challenge of generating complete and unambiguous specifications is, of course, only half the battle. The big unknown is whether the specifications accurately reflect user requirements. While the hardware and software that engineering teams develop may operate properly on their own, the design they implement may not meet system requirements. Using conventional methods, specification errors are often identified only during final integration and system test, causing difficult and costly corrections to be made. I-Logix' Statemate is the most comprehensive graphical modeling and simulation tool for the rapid development of complex embedded systems. Using a combination of traditional graphical design notations combined with some of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams, Statemate provides a direct and formal link between user requirements and software implementation by allowing the user to create a complete, executable specification. Operating on an engineering workstation or PC, Statemate creates a visual, graphical specification that clearly and precisely represents the intended functions and behavior of the system being specified. This specification may be executed, or graphically simulated, so the system engineer can explore what-if scenarios to determine if the behavior and the interactions between system elements are correct. These scenarios can be captured and included in Test Plans which are later run on the embedded system to ensure that what gets built meets what was specified. This executable specification is also used to communicate with the customer or end user to confirm that the specification meets their requirements. Additionally, the Statemate MicroC code generator can automatically generate production quality "micro" C applications from the graphical specification specifically tuned for automotive ECUs. The generated code is so small and so tight we call it "MicroC". Statemate also offers state of the art, advanced technologies including formal verification. This type of analysis can be performed so engineers can validate their Statemate graphical specifications, to ensure that they follow good design practices, and prove that they meet user defined critical properties, such as safety. With advanced technology offered by the Statemate Automatic Test Generator (ATG), engineers can automatically generate a whole range of test vectors from the graphical specification (90-100% coverage), savings large amounts of time in the development of Test Plans. The test vectors generated can be then ran on the embedded system to ensure that what gets built meets what was specified. Complete systems are specified using Statemate so that costly errors due to ambiguous requirements can be found and corrected early in the design process. Statemate allows systems engineers to conquer today's design challenges by providing an iterative and complete graphical design environment. Our customers tell us that they save over 30% in development costs by using Statemate. NOTE: Big Thanks to TEAM LND for their nice supply! For more information: 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? ?氨槽 INSTALL NOTES ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? Unpack and Burn, look into /crack folder for install info. Enjoy this fine release from TEAM ROR :) 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? ?氨槽 TEAM ROR AGREEMENTS ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? Attention: Please read these terms carefully before using our release. Using our release indicates that you have read and accepted these agreements. If you do not agree to accept these terms, do not use our release or infomation from it. We may change the terms of this Agreement at any time. YOU MAY USE OUR RELEASE FOR EVALUATION PRUPOSES ONLY. WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR RELEASE. IF YOU LIKE THIS SOFTWARE, YOU'RE STRONGLY ADVISED TO BUY IT. SOFTWARE COMPANIES NEED SUPPORT FOR QUALITY PRODUCTS. YOU MAY NOT USE OUR RELEASE TO MAKE MONEY OR USE IT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSE. 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? ?氨槽 TEAM ROR NEWS ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? We have changed our email address, Please find at bottom of the page. Wanna Join? Getting In Touch With Us If... - You are familiar with commercial protections (Flexlm,Dongle,etc...) - You can do keygen for generic software - You can supply unreleased quality softwares 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? ?氨槽 TEAM ROR GREETS ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? TEAM ROR send GREETS to: All groups who bring releases of high quality to the scene. 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? ?氨槽 CONTACT INFORMATION ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪? Contact Us: RORteam[at]hotbox[dot]ru 苘? 苘? 苘? Any request for technical support 圹圹槽圮 苒圹槽圮 圹圹槽圮 or missing files will be ignored 捋槽咣圹?鄄圹哌圹槽捋槽咣圹? so dont waste your/our time! 圹圯 鄄?圹圯 捋?圹圯 鄄? 圹?苒圹捋圹 圹圯圹?苒圹 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 薏圹鄄圻 鄄圯 捋?薏圹鄄圻 目 ?氨槽 TEAM ROR SINCE 2001 圹圻咣圹 圹? 圹圯圹圻咣圹 ? 媚哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 鄄? 鄄圯圹圯 薏?鄄? 鄄圯 拇 ? LAST UPDATED ON 06/09/2003 圹? 捋圹捋槽圮圹圯 圹? 捋圹 ? 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪捋槽?捋草 咣圹膊圻 捋槽?捋草 馁 哌哌?哌? 哌? 哌哌?哌? ?哪哪?*(TEAM ROR 2003)*哪--

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What's this?

2003-11-07 18:46:00    评分
在mmc ftp incoming下

2003-11-08 21:19:00    评分
状态机设计软件,状态机算是一种设计模式, 可以参考ESP的“面向状态编程”文章

2003-11-10 17:47:00    评分
ic芯片设计?没玩过 只是纯软件使用

2003-11-12 19:00:00    评分
好像用不了, 总感觉I-LOGIX的东西有点丑陋, 散散的, 功能也不怎么样,

2003-11-12 19:10:00    评分
》好像用不了, 什么问题,我还没实际用列

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