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Flexibility has been one of the advantages Series 2600instruments provided. Such flexibility was due in part to theirindependence from a rigid trigger model, which was common to SCPI-based instrumentation. However, using a trigger modelhas the benefit of more precise timing control over source and measure operations. With the Series 2600A, Keithley introduces atrigger model with far more flexibility and better timing controlthan trigger models for other Keithley products and competitiveproducts. Series 2600A trigger latency (i.e., the period from receipt of input trigger to source change) can be less than 10µs. Additionally, users can achieve sub-microsecond synchronizationbetween source changes on a single unit or across a multi-unitnetwork connected via TSP-Link. Also, programming flexibility ismaintained because the user has the choice of operating outsideof the trigger model.


灵活性已经成为2600A系列数字源表的优势之一。这种灵活性部分源自其对刚性触发模型[1]的独立性,这在基于SCPI的仪器中是常见的。不过,使用触发模型代表着对源和测量操作的更精密定时控制。与2600A系列数字源表一道,吉时利推出了新的触发模型,同吉时利其他产品和竞争产品的触发模型相比,新触发模型具有更大的灵活性和更佳的定时控制。2600A系列数字源表[2]的出发延迟(也就是,从接到输入启动到源变化的周期) 可以低于10µs。此外,用户可以在单一设备源变化之间实现亚微秒同步,也可以在通过TSP-Link[3]连接的多设备网络源变化之间实现亚微秒同步。同时,仍保持编程灵活性,因为用户还可以选择操作外部触发模型。


Built-in sweep generation functions to program linear,log, and list sweeps easily in a single command statementare provided in addition to the trigger model. Similar sweep capability was available on the Series 2600 (non-A) but only by using factory script functions or user-created loops that rampedsource levels and took measurements.




To understand the power of the new triggering and sweepingcapabilities of the Series 2600A, this application note nowconsiders the implementation of a Gummel test on a BipolarJunction Transistor (BJT). A simplified schematic of the test is in Figure 1. Let’s first consider how the test would be performedusing a Model 2636 (non-A) SourceMeter instrument. Refer to theappendix of this note for the test script to program a Model 2636 to perform a Gummel test.



图1  用于二极管结温Gummel测试的SMU配置




(T) 8008101334,  8610 82255010,  82255011





[1] 刚性触发模型

[2] 2600系列数字源表

[3] TSP-Link

[4] 双极型晶体管(BJT)

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