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DS2422 Trim Procedure and Software Correction

2012-04-03 22:58:35    评分
DS2422 Trim Procedure and Software Correction

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Abstract: Before it can accurately measure temperatures, the DS2422 needs to undergo a two-point trim. For the highest level of accuracy, this trim needs to take place as late as possible, i.e., with the end product that the DS2422 resides in. The accuracy can be further improved through software correction if actual values and temperature readings of the DS2422 at additional temperature points are stored in the calibration memory. This application note describes how to perform the trim, how to obtain, format and store the data for the software correction and how to perform the software correction. A spreadsheet with calculations and format conversions used in this application note can be downloaded from 

 DS2422 Trim Procedure and Software Correction.pdf

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