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iButton ID Badge Mounting Options

2012-04-08 12:55:58    评分
iButton ID Badge Mounting Options

关键词: badge, DS9606P, DS9093RA, DS9093RB, DS9101, badge mount, iButton clip, ibuttons 

Abstract: The iButton® can be easily used as a credential for identification, access control, and eCash applications. SeveraliButton fobs are available that makes using iButtons extremely easy. This application note however, deals with using cards or badges with the iButton. There are three approaches to making an iButton ID badge: 1) using the DS9606P adhesive pads, 2) using the DS9093RA lock ring as a stainless-steel fastener with a pre-punched hole, and 3) using the DS9101 multipurpose clip that mounts an iButton to a plastic badge. 

 iButton ID Badge Mounting Options.pdf

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