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【应用手册】AN 559: High Definition (HD) Video Reference Design (V1)

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【应用手册】AN 559: High Definition (HD) Video Reference Design (V1)
The Altera® V-Series of reference designs deliver high-quality up, down, and cross
conversion of standard definition (SD), high definition (HD) and 3 gigabits per second
(Gbps) video streams in interlaced or progressive format. The reference designs are
highly software and hardware configurable, enabling rapid system configuration and
design. The designs have been developed targeting typical broadcast applications
such as switcher, multi-viewer, converter, and video conferencing products.
The V-Series of reference designs is an evolution of the M-Series of video processing
reference designs (M1–M5). The V-Series provides a roadmap of functionality key to
broadcast applications, as well as run-time capability and software configurability
typically associated with ASSPs.an559.pdf

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