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【应用手册】High Definition (HD) Video Monitoring Reference Design(Milestone 4)

2012-05-14 10:04:17    评分
【应用手册】High Definition (HD) Video Monitoring Reference Design(Milestone 4)
The Altera® High Definition (HD) Video Monitoring Reference Designs
demonstrate the application of Altera tools and devices to broadcast and
video surveillance applications.
The reference designs provide a working template that can be used to
rapidly build further broadcast applications using a flexible, re-usable
and parameterizable video framework. All hardware functions in the
reference designs use standard, open interfaces and protocols to facilitate
function re-use and system design.
Specifically, the designs use the Altera Video and Image Processing Suite
MegaCore® functions library, the SDI MegaCore® function, the DDR2
High Performance Memory Controller MegaCore® function, and
supporting development tools.an524.pdf

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