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【应用手册】RapidIO Interoperability with TI 6482 DSP Reference Design

2012-05-14 10:30:09    评分
【应用手册】RapidIO Interoperability with TI 6482 DSP Reference Design
The Altera® RapidIO interoperability reference design provides a sample interface between
the Altera RapidIO MegaCore® function and the Texas Instruments TMS320TCI6482
Communications Infrastructure Digital Signal Processor (TI 6482 DSP or TI 6482). Altera
offers this reference design to demonstrate the installation and operation of Altera’s RapidIO
MegaCore function with the TI 6482. The reference design enables you to evaluate the
RapidIO MegaCore function for integration into an Altera FPGA.
In addition to demonstrating basic interoperability, the design includes support to measure
link utilization in all modes, at all data rates, for all supported packet sizes. The statistics
support helps you to determine the optimal payload size for transfers across the Serial
RapidIO link from the Stratix® II GX device to the TI 6482 DSP, given a set of operating
constraints such as lane width and baud rate.an513.pdf

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