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【应用笔记】莱迪思(Lattice)半导体用户的Altera设计流程(Altera Design Flow for Lattice Semiconductor

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【应用笔记】莱迪思(Lattice)半导体用户的Altera设计流程(Altera Design Flow for Lattice Semiconductor Users)
Today’s CPLD designs require a simple, but effective design
environment to decrease the designs’ time to market. The design
environment must contain an integrated suite of tools that allows you to
take your CPLD design from conception to implementation. Numerous
CPLD design environments address these requirements, but this
document explains the functions of the Quartus® II software developed
by Altera® Corporation, and the ispLEVER software developed by Lattice
Semiconductor. This application note compares the design suite
contained in both software packages, and how each addresses the CPLD
design requirements.an345.pdf

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