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【应用笔记】Turbo编码协处理器参考设计(Turbo Encoder Co-processor Reference Design)

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【应用笔记】Turbo编码协处理器参考设计(Turbo Encoder Co-processor Reference Design)
Turbo编码协处理器参考设计在一个Stratix DSP开发板上实现,并和德州仪器C6711 DSP入门者套件(DSP Starter Kit,DSK))连接。
The turbo encoder co-processor reference design is for implemention in
an Stratix™ DSP development board that is connected to a Texas
Instruments C6711 DSP Starter Kit (DSK). The DSK has a 32-bit external
memory interface (EMIF) and a 16-channel enhanced DMA (EDMA)
controller. The design of the DSK limits the use of the EMIF to
asynchronous mode only.an317.pdf

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