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2004-04-01 02:04:00    评分
C++Test is a unit testing tool that automatically
tests C and C++ classes, functions, or components
without requiring developers to write a single test
case, harness, or stub. With the click of a button,
C++Test automatically performs static analysis of code
using industry-wide coding standards, tests code
construction (white-box testing), tests code
functionality (black-box testing), and maintains code
integrity (regression testing). From traditional to
extreme programming, integrating C++Test into the
development process automates a vital testing
technique for any programming process, preventing
software errors and ensuring that code is structurally
sound, maintainable, and portable.

C++Test Features

User-friendly GUI Interface
Automated, real time unit testing
Complete code diagnosis and failure/error details
User-defined and automatic test cases
Stub generation and customization
Real-time test coverage
Customizable test settings
Code suppression
Module testing
Automated regression testing
Test report generation
502 standard coding rules, including:
26 Effective C++ Items by Scott Meyers
7 More Effective C++ Items 26 by Scott Meyers
22 Built-in MISRA Guidelines
2 Meyers-Klaus Items
36 Universal Coding Standard Items
194 User Items
88 Ellemtel (Telecom Industry) Items
127 User MISRA Guidelines
Create custom coding rules with the built-in
Export/import test cases/test objects for development
group use
Runtime error detection (with Parasoft Insure++?
Restricted user support
Command line functionality (licensed separately)

C++Test Benefits

Tests everything from functions to entire projects.
Keeps simple errors from becoming serious problems.
Streamlines the development process for quicker
Keeps errors from returning to code through regression
Ensures that code is structurally sound, maintainable,
and portable.
Discovers crash-causing problems and reduces customer
Helps to accelerate and achieve ISO and SEI
standardized process certification (CMM and CMMI).
Increases development time by decreasing debugging

Unzip, unrar and install the application.
Extract the included crack into your app''s \bin.Win32
dir and overwrite. When you run the app enter any
expiration date and password if asked.


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