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FSM-based Digital Design using Verilog HDL(分享)

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【Wiley 2008 年出版】FSM-based Digital Design using Verilog HDL
FSM-based Digital Design using Verilog HDL
By Peter Minns, Ian Elliott

Publisher:   Wiley
Number Of Pages:   408
Publication Date:   2008-05-16
ISBN-10 / ASIN:   0470060700
ISBN-13 / EAN:   9780470060704
Binding:   Hardcover

Product Description:
As digital circuit elements decrease in physical size, resulting in increasingly complex systems, a asic logic model that can be used in the control and design of a range of semiconductordevices is vital.

Finite State Machines (FSM) have numerous advantages;they can be applied to many areas (including motor control, and signaland serial data identification to name a few) and they use less logicthan their alternatives, leading to the development of faster digitalhardware systems.  This clear and logical book presents a range ofnovel techniques for the rapid and reliable design of digital systemsusing FSMs, detailing exactly how and where they can be implemented.  With a practical approach, it covers synchronous and asynchronous FSMsin the design of both simple and complex systems, and Petri-Net designtechniques for sequential/parallel control systems. Chapters onHardware Description Language cover the widely-used and powerful Verilog HDL in sufficient detail to facilitate the description and verificationof FSMs, and FSM based systems, at both the gate and behaviourallevels.  Throughout, the text incorporates many real-world examplesthat demonstrate designs such as data acquisition, a memory tester, and passive serial data monitoring and detection, among others.

A useful accompanying CD offers working Verilog software tools for the capture and simulation of design solutions.  With a linear programmed

learning format, this book works as a concise guidefor the practising digital designer. This book will also be ofimportance to senior students

and postgraduates of electronicengineering, who require design skills for the embedded systems market.

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