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Sr video Codec and multimedia framework engrs/leader

2006-12-27 00:42:00    评分

Sr video Codec and multimedia framework engrs/leader (某世界顶级半导体公司(前十位,美资))

Scope of Responsibilities/Expectations
- Quick learn the current algorithms of display modules.
- Includes, but not limited, to identify and develop appropriate algorithms.
- Mainly on Divx, Xvid, WMV and H.264.
- Evaluate and optimize the video decoder performance.
- Develop video quality metrices.
- HW/SW codesign to work out FSL video accelerate IPs.
- Quick learn open source multimedia framework, such as GStreamer and OperMax.
- Bring forward with FSL solution to make those multimedia framework eligible for embedded system.
- Non-open MM framework is also possible.

Specific Knowledge/Skills
- Minimum MSEE, with at least 3 years in VLSI project and algorithm development.
- Deep understanding of TV and display technology is desired.
- Must have developed or improved algorithm in one of the following areas: audio/video compression/decompression, video noise reduction, video de-interlacing.
- Ability to relate video artefacts to algorithm weakness is desired.
- Strong background of Digital Signal Processing and Mathematics.
- Strong hw/sw codesign background is desired.

Being focused on video decoder algorithms, mainly on MPEG-4 class standards. This team will work on decoder optimization on ARM platform to be competetive with benchmark from other third-party companies. Also, this team will be responsible to act as critical role with h/w IC design teams. Performance evaluation methodologies and h/w s/w co-design are essential in the team. Besides video algorithm itself, this team is responsible for multimedia framework investigation, to work out FSL property MM framework to be used on embedded system

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