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Wind river的SPR补丁

2002-07-27 20:51:00    评分
tornado发行版本有些bug, 可到windsurf下载相应的补丁 补丁很多, 我头都看晕拉 要进入windsurf, 需要订货时的License number ============================================================================== Software Problem Reports (SPR) If your TSR is associated with a defect or an enhancement in any Wind River product, it is linked to an SPR. The support engineer works with Development Engineering to resolve these SPRs in accordance with guidelines summarized in the table below. SPRs track two kinds of software issues: n bugs – defects in the software or documentation. n enhancements – requests for desired features or functions Customer Support determines if there is an existing SPR for your issue. If you are reporting a new problem, the support engineer works closely with you to document the problem’s symptoms, establish the SPR’s priority, identify a test case (when appropriate), and develop a precise technical description of the problem. You can use WindSurf to review online information about known SPRs.

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