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2002-08-05 18:04:00    评分 Embedded Linux Journal Contents -- November 2001 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Clash of the Shrink-Wrap Titans by Don Marti Whether you're porting applications from a legacy OS, seeking better real-time performance or looking for faster time-to-market, embedded Linux distributions have a lot to offer. Building a Minimal Glibc with Componentization by Darren Hart Use a stripped-down C library to save space or budget for the size of glibc for compatibility? Now there's a third option: build a custom library from the original sources for the best of both. Power Trio: Three Diverse Embedded Linux SBCs by Michael Baxter Boards for the Linux market offer integrated display, I/O and storage features. Michael takes a look at SBCs made by Ampro Computers, Inc., EMAC, Inc. and Team ASA, Inc. Indepth Programming for EyeTap Systems by Corey Manders, Steve Mann An ``EyeTap'' is a camera/processor/display device you can wear. Here, two real-life cyborgs play by reversing X displays. More Haste, Less Speed by Jasper Kamperman Embedded systems are hostile to debugging and testing. Prevent common C and C++ bugs before they bite. Brewing Java at the Point of Sale by Quentin Olson Retail operations can benefit from Java features, especially dynamic class loading. From Core to Kit by Mike Esch How the Nios, a RISC processor on an FPGA, came to support Linux and the GNU development tools. Writing Real-Time Device Drivers for Telecom Switches, Part 2 of 2 by Waël Hassan The first part (in the September/October 2001 issue of Embedded Linux Journal) talked about the environment and the scope of device drivers. Now here's a step-by-step plan for writing a new driver. Debugging Embedded Linux Applications by Nathan Field NFS-mounting your target system's root partition and other techniques for rapid debugging. Contests Contest Update by Don Marti ``Hack Embedded Linux for Fun and Prizes'' Contest Winners From The Editor Ten Years of Software Opportunity 1991-2001 by Don Marti Contests, kernel hacking, SBCs and much more to come. Letters Letters by Letters Editor Etherboot Feature Update... Users Want to Customize Products New Products New Products by Heather Mead PIXIL, REDSonic, D3 CompactPCI SBC, Red Hat Embedded Developer Suite

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