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2003-08-19 20:18:00    评分
Distech Controls Partners with Echelon to Expand North American LonWorks® Open Systems Market      Companies Sign Open Systems Alliance Master Logo Agreement      (San Jose, CA– August 5, 2003) - Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON), the creator of the LonWorks device networking platform for connecting everyday devices to each other and the Internet, and Distech Controls, a leading North American facility automation company, announced today that the companies have signed an Echelon Open Systems Alliance Master (OSA) Logo License agreement. The Agreement allows Distech to increase its market penetration by training and authorizing qualifying organizations within its system integration channel of nearly 100 companies as LonWorks Authorized Network Integrators. In addition to system integration capabilities, Distech has an integrated, easy-to-use set of software tools built on Echelons LNS® network operating system, LonMark® certified or LNS plug-in equipped products, and a wide range of device controllers that facilitate the creation of open, interoperable, LonWorks based open automation systems.      "Our integration channel has made LonWorks Open Systems a fundamental part of their delivery strategy enabling them to provide solutions that incorporate best-breed-of products. Moreover, they have a core competency in the specification, installation and maintenance of open, interoperable systems," said Mr. Etienne Veilleux, Distechs president. "By becoming a Master Logo Partner within the Open Systems Alliance program, we will be better able to take advantage of the rapidly growing need for open systems in commercial buildings and medical and educational institutions in North America."      "We are very pleased to add Distech as a Master Logo partner; their expertise in industrial and institutional facilities as well as commercial buildings with a particular focus in the North American market can expand the delivery of LonWorks based open systems," said Kevin Lynch, Echelons director of channel marketing and building solutions. "In Distech, we have established a partner relationship that can extend the benefits of best-of-breed product choices, lower life-cycle costs, and extremely high system flexibility that LonWorks based open systems provide to any type of facility."      The Open Systems Alliance Master Logo agreement enables Distech to certify members of their integration channel to specify, bid, design and deploy open, interoperable control networks that use the LNS network operating system and products installed with the LonMaker™ Integration Tool such as LonMark certified and/or products with an LNS plug-in. Members of the OSA have also been trained to provide embedded Internet capabilities and remote control and access to LonWorks based applications using Echelons i.LON® Internet Servers. Distech joins OSA Master Logo partners Circon Systems, Fuji Electric, NTT DATA, and Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Limited. More information about the Open Systems Alliance Program can be found at      详细见      

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