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历年IEEE 关于电荷泵Charge-Pump的好资料 !!!!!(好东西)

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历年IEEE 关于电荷泵Charge-Pump的好资料 !!!!!(好东西)

 [1980]Charge-pump phase-lock loops.pdf (880.95 KB)
 [1995]Performance limits of switched-capacitor DC-DC converters.pdf (590.53 KB)
 [1997]A dynamic analysis of the Dickson charge pump circuit.pdf (380.38 KB)
 [1997]Efficiency improvement in charge pump circuits.pdf (247.69 KB)
 [1997]Optimum phase-acquisition technique for charge-pump PLL.pdf (403.41 KB)
 [1998]A high-efficiency CMOS voltage doubler.pdf (212.84 KB)
 [1998]MOS charge pumps for low-voltage operation.pdf (143.65 KB)
 [2000]A new charge pump without degradation in threshold voltage due to body effect.pdf (134.46 KB)
 [2000]Charge pump with perfect current matching characteristics in phase-locked loops.pdf (206.72 KB)
 [2000]New plus- and minus-voltage generators for TFT-LCD panels.pdf (257.47 KB)
 [2001]A DC–DC charge pump design based on voltage doublers.pdf (205.71 KB)
 [2001]A novel CMOS charge-pump circuit with positive feedback for PLL applications.pdf (266.06 KB)
 [2002]Charge pump for LCD driver used in cell phone.PDF (200.56 KB)
[2002]Ultra-low constant-current generation with MOS interface-trap charge pump.pdf (354.78 KB)
 [2003]Area-efficient CMOS charge pumps for LCD drivers.pdf (664 KB)
 [----]A linear high voltage 0.18um charge pump for MEMS applications.pdf (114.8 KB)
 [----]A multi-stage CMOS charge pump for low-voltage memories.pdf (42.66 KB)
 [----]A new 4-phase charge pump without body effects for low supply voltages.pdf (91.89 KB)
 [----]Analysis of output ripple in multi-phase clocked charge pumps.pdf (167.39 KB)
 [----]High voltage generation for low power large VDD range non volatile memories.pdf (83.02 KB)
 [----]Power efficient charge pump in deep submicron standard CMOS technology.pdf (91.87 KB)


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