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zip包,10M,无密码 Technical Documentation: OMAP5910 Data Manual (SPRS197) OMAP5910 Technical Reference (SPRU602) OMAP5910 Silicon Errata (SPRZ016) System Initialization for the OMAP5910 Device (SPRA828) Configuring Code Composer Studio™ for OMAP Debugging (SPRA807) Block Diagrams: OMAP5910 Device Block Diagram OMAP5910 System Block Diagram White Papers: Multimedia Technologies on Terminals Based on the OMAP Platform Enabling the Killer Application Bringing Streaming Video to Wireless Handheld Devices Programming Considerations for Developing Next-Generation Wireless Embedded Applications Reducing the Security Threats to 2.5G and 3G Wireless Applications [align=right][color=#000066][此贴子已经被Gao于2002-9-12 14:11:15编辑过][/color][/align]

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