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【应用手册】AN 526: 3GPP UMTS Turbo Reference Design

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【应用手册】AN 526: 3GPP UMTS Turbo Reference Design
The Altera® 3GPP UMTS Turbo Reference Design demonstrates using Turbo codes for
encoding with trellis termination support, and forward error correction (FEC) in a
3GPP universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) design suitable for
channel card or baseband modem applications (reference 1).
Turbo codes were first proposed by Berrou (and others) in 1993 (reference 2). Since its
introduction, turbo code has become the coding technique of choice in many
communication and storage systems due to its near Shannon limit error correction
capability. These applications include, 3GPP, consultative committee for space
application (CCSDS) telemetry channel coding, worldwide interoperability for
microwave access (WiMAX), and 3GPP UMTS, which require throughputs in the
range from two to several hundred Mbps.

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