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【应用笔记】加速WiMAX的数字上下变频系统设计(Accelerating DUC & DDC System Designs for WiMAX)

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【应用笔记】加速WiMAX的数字上下变频系统设计(Accelerating DUC & DDC System Designs for WiMAX)
全球微波互联接入(worldwide interoperability for microwave access,WiMAX)标准是一个在具有巨大潜力的、准备彻底改变无线宽带互联网接入市场
The worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) standard
is an emerging technology with significant potential that is poised to
revolutionize the broadband wireless internet access market. The diverse
hardware requirements for these systems including processing speed,
flexibility, integration and time-to-market necessitate an FPGA based
implementation platform. Altera® high-density FPGA devices provide
WiMAX OEMs with significant competitive advantages by minimizing
development time and resources, maximizing first-time success, and
accelerating time-to-market.an421.pdf

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