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GC6016 配置与应用分析

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GC6016 Wideband Transmit-Receive Digital Signal Processors  

The GC6016 is a wideband transmit and receive signal processor that includes digital downconverter / upconverter (DDUC), transmit, receive, and capture buffer blocks. The transmit path includes crest factor reduction (CFR), complex equalization, and bulk upconversion.

The GC6016 is a related product to the GC5330, with the DPD block not functional. The GC6016 has an identical package and footprint with the GC5330.The receive path includes wideband and narrowband automatic gain control (AGC), bulk downconversion, complex equalization, and I/Q imbalance correction.

The DDUC section consists of four identical DDUC blocks, each supporting up to 12 channels. Each channel has independent fractional resamplers and NCOs to enable flexible carrier configurations. Multi-mode/multi-standard operation can be supported by configuring the individual DDUC blocks to different filtering and oversampling scenarios.

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