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The MST9229 is a high efficiency synchronous boost converter with fully integrated a 13mΩ high-sideMOSFET and an 11mΩ low-side MOS FET,supporting 2.7V to 14V input voltage range and up to12-A switch current. 

(MST9229高效同步转换器集成一个13 mΩ 高电平MOS场效应管和11 mΩ 低电平MOS场效应管,支持2.7 v至14 v输入电压范围和12A开关电流)

The switch current limit can beadjustable with an external resistor.(开关电流限制可以通过外部电阻调节

The MST9229 adapts constant off-time peak currentcontrol to provide fast transient. (MST9229采用恒关断时间峰值电流控制,提供快速瞬态

An external compensation network allows flexibility setting loop dynamics to achieve optimal transient performance at different load conditions. 


Using MODE pin selects either Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) operation or forced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) operation.


The switching frequency in PWM mode is adjustable from 200KHz to 2.2MHz by an external resistor. 


The device also features programmable soft-start time with an external capacitor.


The MST9229 monitors both output voltage andfeedback voltage to protect overvoltage condition. 


Itfeatures cycle-by-cycle peak current limit and thermalshutdown protection when the device over loads.


The device is available in a low-profile package DFN-20L 3.5mmx4.5mmx0.75mm with enhanced thermal power pad.


• Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7V-14.0V(输入电压范围宽:2.7V-14.0V)

• Wide Output Voltage Range: 4.5V-14.6V(输出电压范围宽:4.5V-14.6V

• Fully Integrated High-side/Low-side Power MOS FET:13mΩ/11mΩ(完全集成的半导体场效应晶体管:13 mΩ/ 11 mΩ)

• Up to 12A Switch Current and ProgrammablePeak Current Limit(高达12A开关电流和可编程的峰值电流限制

• Typical Shut-down Current: 1uA(典型关断电流:1uA

• Programmable Switching Frequency:200kHz-2.2MHz(可编程开关频率:200 khz - 2.2 mhz

• Output Overvoltage Protection at 15.4V(15.4V输出过电压保护

• Feedback Overvoltage Protection at 110% ofReference Voltage(反馈过电压保护在110%的参考电压

• Selectable PFM or Forced PWM Mode(可选择PFM或强制PWM模式

• Programmable Soft Start(可编程软启动

• Thermal Shutdown Protection: 150°C(热关闭保护:150°C

• Available in DFN-20 3.5mmx4.5mm Package


• Bluetooth Audio(蓝牙音频)

• Power Banks(移动电源)

• POS System

• E-Cigarette(电子烟

• USB Power Delivery

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