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小华 高级工程师 来自: 发表总数:102   查看   短消息   电子邮件 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In BSP, there are Ethernet and HDLC driver. But Boss let me do Tx/Rx without TCP/IP stack. Please help me? By the way, Amine, I have fix the Flash R/W problem. Thank you anyway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 编辑 发表於:2002-01-18 - 10:33:19 IP: 202.119.*.* bridge 工程师 来自: 发表总数:31 查看   短消息   电子邮件 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 你好像没有说清楚你的问题,能再仔细说说? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 编辑 发表於:2002-01-18 - 14:47:59 IP: 61.157.*.* 小华 高级工程师 来自: 发表总数:102 查看   短消息   电子邮件 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to build a module so that can tranfer the ethernet frame to HDLC frame and in verse. So I was told that I must learn the way to get and send the ethernet frame and HDLC frame .And all these must be done without the high layer support(TCP/IP). That is I must do this under the IP layer. Does someone can give me some advice? Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 编辑 发表於:2002-01-18 - 16:19:46 IP: 61.177.*.* superme 工程师 来自: 发表总数:40 查看   短消息   电子邮件 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If it must be done without TCP/IP stack, you should modify the interface routine in Ethernet and HDLC device driver and add a new routine to transfer frame between Ethernet and HDLC.

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