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Fairchild 招聘

2007-07-11 19:24:00    评分

飞兆半导体信号产品在亚太区的Revenue年持续保持50%以上增长,平均Margin 60%,是公司的标竿部门。信号产品亚太区团队负责整个亚太地区信号产品的产品应用,新产品定义,技术培训,技术共享,芯片开发及市场战略和营销驱动。


1.job description:
-.high speed signal demoboard design and debug
-.high speed signal interface test for example HDMI,USB etc..
-.provide other related technical support to custormer.

2.expected candidate:
-.Graduate student, major in electrical, automation or other related engineering areas.
-.Have a good concept of digital/analog signals, and a solid analog/digital circuit design knowledge.
-.Experienced in embedded system hardware design; and be familiar with popular MCU architecture/peripheral's interface;
-.Must be proficient in Protel or other schematic&layout tools;
-.High speed digital signal design experience and ability of operating lab equipments is preferred;
-.expected candidate who can speak korean is highly appreciated.


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