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Dynamic Testing of High-Speed ADCs, Part 2

2012-04-16 21:38:02    评分
Dynamic Testing of High-Speed ADCs, Part 2

关键词: analog to digital converters, ADCs, high-speed ADC, SNR, SINAD, ENOB, THD, SFDR, two-tone IMD, multi-tone IMD, clock jitter, FFT, spectrum, window functions, spectral leakage, frequency bin, bins, coherent sampling, hanning, hamming, flat top 

Abstract: Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) represent the link between analog and digital worlds in receivers, test equipment and other electronic devices. As outlined in Part 1 of this article series, a number of key dynamic parameters provide an accurate correlation of the dynamic performance to be expected from a given ADC. Part 2 of this article series covers some of the setup configurations, equipment recommendations and measurement procedures for testing the dynamic specifications of high-speed ADCs. 

 Dynamic Testing of High-Speed ADCs, Part 2.pdf

关键词: Dynamic     Testing     High-Spee    

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