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Stabilize Your Transimpedance Amplifier

2012-04-19 00:00:32    评分
Stabilize Your Transimpedance Amplifier
关键词: TIA, trans impedance amplifier, transimpedance amp, photodiode, medical instrumentation, industrial control, piezo-sensor interface, TIA stability, feedback capacitance, phase compensation, bode plot 

Abstract: Transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) are widely used to translate the current output of sensors like photodiode-to-voltage signals, since many circuits and instruments can only accept voltage input. An operational amplifier with a feedback resistor from output to the inverting input is the most straightforward implementation of such a TIA. However, even this simple TIA circuit requires careful trade-offs among noise gain, offset voltage, bandwidth, and stability. Clearly stability in a TIA is essential for good, reliable performance. This application note explains the empirical calculations for assessing stability and then shows how to fine-tune the selection of the feedback phase-compensation capacitor. 

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