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2012-04-21 10:26:21    评分

This application report describes how to equip the DM6467 device with transmit/receive capabilities via high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI). A general description is provided for all the DM6467 internal peripherals which are required in HDMI transmitting/receiving, as well as the SiI9134 HDMI transmitter and the SiI9135 HDMI receiver. The block diagrams for both the transmit side logic and the receive logic are provided to illustrate how to connect the DM6467 device to the SiI9134 and the SiI9135 devices.

This document does not explain the actual schematics for the block diagram.

This document does not explain the software programming involved to configure DM6467, SiI9134, or SiI9135.



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