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【应用手册】24K FFT for 3GPP LTE RACH Detection

2012-05-14 10:24:25    评分
【应用手册】24K FFT for 3GPP LTE RACH Detection
In 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE), the user equipment (UE) transmits
a random access channel (RACH) on the uplink to gain access to the
network. One method to extract this UE RACH signal at the basestation
is to perform a 24K FFT on the received data, allowing the desired bands
to be extracted in the frequency domain.
This reference design demonstrates that you can perform large FFT
transforms on Altera FPGAs. This application note describes how a 24K
point transform may be decomposed into three 8,192 point transforms
and then implemented efficiently using a multiple channel FFT

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